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Disappointed? Didn’t get what you expected? Maybe something more
is going on, than what meets your eye and hurts your heart.

Life has a way of disappointing us and exposing our assumptions and
faulty beliefs. Disillusionment can be a brutal, disturbing experience.
Like all adaptation and change, it takes time to accept what we have
lost and begin to see what we have gained.

Yet, ultimately, to be disillusioned is to be set free. This action of grace
removes the plank in our own eyes, dethrones our egos, and much of
the healing process is hidden from our conscious awareness.

And then, there is Paul and his experience of disillusionment. Read his testimony. Does it
sound like something you are going through?

See here, see
the proof is in my groping blindness
my stunned, numbed, nauseous soul
stumbling in a foreign land.

There are ones who can testify
that I saw well enough before,
that I did not wear this unveiled shocked look of the newly blind.
There are ones who can remember the zeal and pulse of desire in me.