If one unveiled word from God touched this earth it would
ignite like a rag soaked in oil.
All we can bear of the Truth is hearsay and rumors.

                                                 Mira, poet-saint of India

LorettaI watch and  listen for the movements of the Holy One and deal a lot in glimpses, hearsay, and rumors.

I studied theater and theology, taught, and served as a pastor.  Now I pray and listen to others tell their stories of life in God. I teach occasionally about spying out holiness.


I live with a yellow lab/cattle dog mix, who is named Dabar. We laugh and get the giggles a lot. And he has a lot of opinions. Dabar1



My writing has been published in numerous places. You can find out more here and  explore my book Letters from the Holy Ground here.

21 responses to “About

  1. Hi Loretta,
    Leslie and I are reading your blogs every Sat. am…..printing them to read them.
    Any way to revise the web setup so that we can print just the blog + pictures?
    This is just wonderfujl stuff………. 🙂
    Thank you so much

    • Hi Jim,
      The only thing I can suggest is to just select, copy, and paste each blog entry on a blank page and print it. You can copy the photos too.
      Anyone have any other suggestions?

      I am glad you are reading them! Thanks and blessings. loretta

  2. Loretta,

    I’ve enjoyed your posts and insights. Nice to hear a thoughtful and reflective voice. I’m actually doing some work with the PCUSA exploring organizational transformation.

    God Bless
    Rex Miller

    • Thanks, Rex. My Presbytery General Presbyter, Ed Thompson, wrote a review of your book, which led me to it. I am finding your work so helpful in naming things I have noticed and felt for a long, long time.

      With gratitude, Loretta

  3. Hi Loretta,
    Your last “Holy Ground” article on peace really resonated with me. Thanks for what you do to promote contemplative living. Many blessings, Phil

  4. Oh thanks, Phil, ardent promoter of contemplation yourself. Many blessings to you too. Loretta

  5. You been jitterbugged, Loretta. God help you.

  6. Loretta,
    I love your site and your FB page. Want to share a parable with you for possible placement on your page, but not sure where to email it. You can find it at http://budurl.com/springtale.

    much love & Light,
    Jacob Nordby

  7. Milancie Hill Adams

    As I read your blog often I find myself to a common vien of reflection that I too have moved through or am now moving through and with other glimpses your prose move me into a realm that needs to be explored deeper in my venture to lead a more spiritual life.

    Take Time To Discover God’s Gifts
    Lapping Waves, Sand Between Toes, Sea Breezes


  8. Thank you Milancie. I loved looking at your art and reading your words. Spending most of my life in the great prairie sea of the midwest, I have much to learn learn about the watery sea and sand between my toes. Blessings!

  9. Someone shared a link on Facebook to one of your summer 2011 blog posts (“oh, ick, a Christian”). I liked it, so I’ve started a blogroll on my blog and added your link to it (the first and so far only one). Thanks for your thoughts.

  10. Really am glad to have found your blog online. I sense we have some important things in common. If you want, find my blog at inspirited.wordpress.com … And all good! Joanne

  11. Thank you for sharing, and God bless you.

  12. I really love your blog online. You always put words to the way I feel or the way that I am searching. Today, especially, gave me the courage to continue on the journey of spending time with God and myself. God touches my heart in ways I cannot express and you do it so beautifully. My husband also had a story that he could only put in paintings. http://www.billhyer.com
    I am also from Kansas and love your work.
    Margaret Hyer

  13. Thank you so much, Margaret. Your husband’s paintings are amazing. Thanks for sharing the link. So much does connect us, so much binds us together beyond words.

  14. Louisa Baer has sent me to your site – what lovely words, what evocative thoughts. Thank you. I blog at http://www.occasionalsightings.blogspot.com. Blessings, Thom

  15. Loretta,
    I plan worship at my church and I’d like permission to use a reflection I found on the re:Worship blog in this Sunday’s upcoming service. Please email me for more information. Thank you for sharing your work!

  16. Hello signed up to get the blog. The quote is great: Truth is hearsay and rumors. I’ve always been an admirer of Ribdranath Tagore — but not everyone’s cup of tea. I like you have had a wide experience of jobs and vocations. Who would have thought that 2 years on as a student fireman on a city force (college yrs) would turn out to be the needed preparation for hospital chaplaincy and crisis ministry.

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