Love – in Small Doses for the Sin Sick Soul #10

And we are put on earth a little space, 
That we may learn to bear the beams of love. –
William Blake

wild geese

Resurrection Passion

Oh Spendthrift Love,
Oh Lay Me Down Love,
even from the tree
you coax: follow me.

Oh Love That Never Dies,
could I love like the pear tree loves
in heedless scarlet surrender
to the grey autumn sky?

Could I run breathless
bearing bright bouquets
across the fields to you?

Could I with mad extravagance
pour out all my oil
upon your brow?

Could I throw caution
to the wind and fling
myself  over the lake
in a flurry of milkweed
seeds and cattail fur?

Could we rendezvous
in every crack and cranny
of creation where you issue
in sweet tenderness?

Could I be held enthralled
by wonder unable to move
across a room for need to kneel
at every step in praise?

Could I place my palm
upon the surface of any cheek
and trace the contours
of grace with a finger?

Oh Love That Never Dies,
teach my heart to love again.
Teach me desire
that draws life from dry bones
like orange flames
leaping from kindling sticks.

Oh Way is Narrow Love,
Oh Take Up Your Cross Love,
teach me resurrection passion.

I’ve had enough of death.


3 responses to “Love – in Small Doses for the Sin Sick Soul #10

  1. I read and re-read this poem, and every time I laugh out loud, and every time I am near tears, and every time I give thanks: yes, this is what it is like to be truly alive. This is what it is like to be filled with the Spirit of the Risen Christ. Amen and alleluia!


    Joyous Resurrection blessings, Loretta! Your prayer sent today is the most poignant one yet for me……have been devoting most of the past year to help my son in the throes of a messy divorce, as well as to care for my granddaughters tossed about in the process. I returned home Jan. 6th exhausted, and somehow, I felt the urge to burn candles every evening this entire winter. Your words revealed to me that my inner flame was nearly used up, and that God would provide for new Light, especially in small doses. Prayers are coming your way for continued success in spreading the Light to all the dark places…..every blessing, BP

  3. Bob and Sue Brady

    Thank you Steve for this wonderful writing. We haven’t seen you or Jeannie in church lately. I hope you two are just traveling and haven’t given up on FUMCO. Miss you, Bob and Sue

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