Living Near to the Heart of God

There truly is a place of calm and repose in every heart. I believe you have been there, have been held in the stillness, and been quietly nurtured by a forgiving, healing Presence greater than yourself.  You may not have spent hours in prayer or engaged in various forms of meditation or spiritual practices in order to be held by this grace. More likely, you simply fell into it, that is, fell in Love.

What might get in the way of dwelling near to the heart of God? Evelyn Underhill writes about the temptation for turning toward what is new or odd or startling, as well as “a dusty crowd of devotional knickknacks that distract from the simplicity being present to the nearness of God.

Temperance requires a spirit of renunciation, checking the love of what is new, odd or startling, which so easily kills the taste for simple things and the tendency to assimilate odds and ends which swamp our few real treasures in a dusty crowd of devotional knickknacks. Temperance then is the teacher of humility and asks us to acknowledge the sacred character of the ordinary which was good enough for God to love and enter into in Jesus. Evelyn Underhill

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