Resurrection Passion

Oh, Spendthrift Love,
Oh, Lay Me Down Love, 
even from the tree 
you coax: follow me. 

Oh, Love That Never Dies,
could I love 
like the pear tree loves 
in heedless 
scarlet surrender 
to the grey autumn sky? 

Could I run breathless 
bearing bright bouquets 
across the fields to you? 

Could I with mad extravagance 
pour out all my oil 
upon your brow? 

Could I throw caution 
to the wind 
and fling myself 
over the lake 
in a flurry 
of milkweed seeds 
and cattail fur? 

Could we rendezvous 
in every crack and cranny 
of creation 
where you issue 
in sweet tenderness? 

Could I be held 
enthralled by wonder 
unable to move 
across a room 
for need to kneel 
at every step in praise? 

Could I place my palm 
upon the surface 
of any cheek 
and trace  
the contours
of grace
with a finger?

Oh Love That Never Dies, 
teach my heart 
to love again. 
Teach me desire 
that draws life 
from dry bones 
like orange flames 
from kindling sticks.

Oh Way is Narrow Love, 
Oh Take Up Your Cross Love, 
teach me 
resurrection passion. 

I've had enough of death.

Perhaps you have had enough of death, as well.
Take a chance.
Go outside.
Fling yourself into the arms of your existence.
Let yourself be held in a long embrace.
Such amazing goodness and mercy is waiting for you.

A blessed Eastertide!

Loretta F Ross

4 responses to “Resurrection Passion

  1. This spoke directly to me. Thank you so much! It is gorgeous.

    Sent from my iPad


  2. Margaret Luplow

    Loretta, your poem is gorgeous! Racy! Thrilling and precious. Thank you.

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