The Conversion of Paul

Today is the Feast of the Conversion of St. Paul the Apostle. Here is a repost of a blog I wrote 9 years ago. The notion of people, who think they know it all, getting blasted by the Light of truth and knocked off their high horses seems particularly relevant today. May we all experience such re-orienting conversion.

via The Conversion of Paul

4 responses to “The Conversion of Paul

  1. Although it is possible that there is a contradiction in these two passages unnoticed by their author, Richard Longenecker suggests that first-century readers probably understood the two passages to mean that everybody heard the sound of the voice, but “only Paul understood the articulated words.”

  2. I love this, Loretta.It is beautiful. Thank you. kd


  3. Thanks, JamesPrunk, for pointing that out. That voice still seems to be echoing in our ears down the centuries.

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