2 responses to “holy-ground-summer-2016

  1. What does a larger God look like? How should we respond?

    • I think the answer is personal to each individual. I listened to someone yesterday who was chaffing a bit with some aspects of her church worship which used to be meaningful, but now seems out of sync with experience of a more inclusive God. A lot of the music focuses on an invidual relationship with God. Some of her understanding of God is in conflict with teaching she embraced as a college student. She is experiencing herself, others, the world and God in new ways that are releasing freedom, joy, and deep love for others, as well as a desire to reach out more in service.Some of this might be related to her stage in life, as well as a spiritual formation program she is in. Her sense of self and the purposes of God are expanding. What does a larger God look like to you? Or maybe your sense of God is already immeasureably vast. Maybe it is all a process of seeing more and more as we grow in Christ.

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