I thought of you this morning
while the dove cooed under the feeder
and I knew how I had utterly failed.

How is it with you, really?

Words fill the distance between us
pushing in drifts
against your door.

Discarded costumes, masks, disguises
on the fitting room floor.

I step out to tell you what I want
what I am trying to find here
is the one
true moment

which strips off
the tight suits of expression
to expose
the bare naked beat
of love.


I cannot tell you how deep
is this need to communicate,
how vast the reach of longing.
We plead face down in the dirt.
You who know no separation,
make us one.

4 responses to “Kairos

  1. I’m thinking of what we are losing today with all the tech stuff. People are texting each other instead of talking face to face or on the phone. How sad that is to lose that one on one communication, and it will only get worse. I enjoy both, but never want to lose that face to face communication! Thank you!

  2. Really quite wonderful….

  3. Utterilly fail is too too arsh It means yot then it have hit the bottom but then it is easiest to just give up! One needs to acknowledge that you have tried but as that wonderful song goes its not about what is on the otherside of the mountain its about the climb and its the climb that makes us stronger! One must learn to believe in and love oneself! Because if you do not no one else will but what is worse you may not hear the calling whisphering in your ear – that is why one must always keep climbing but have belief one can accomplish God understands you have tried!

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